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We provide a wide variety of aesthetic (cosmetic) dental services. Below, you will find some examples of the type of care that our patients receive. At your request, we will discuss with you the possibilities for your smile. We will educate you, and then let you decide what treatment is right for you.

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) is a simple way for patients to obtain a brighter smile. All bleaching products use a form of hydrogen peroxide, which when held against the teeth will safely remove color (stains) from the enamel. Bleaching will only lighten natural teeth, (not crowns, fillings, artificial teeth) and can take from 2 to 6 weeks for the initial treatment. Bleaching should not be done on teeth with open tooth decay. All bleaching results will slowly fade and short touch-up treatments will be required about twice a year.

Home Tray Bleaching is a predictable and cost effective way to professionally lighten your teeth. We utilize models taken of your mouth to fabricate thin flexible clear trays that fit comfortably over your teeth. Bleaching gel is placed into the trays, and the trays are worn a minimum of 2 hours a day (up to overnight) for 2-6 weeks. After each bleach application, you then apply a protective Fluoride Gel to your teeth using your toothbrush. Bleaching touch up can be done by repeating the above steps for one week about every six months.

The cost of the professional tray system is $240 and includes: mouth impressions and models, upper and lower bleach trays, a tube of either 16% or 21% bleach gel, and a storage case.

Porcelain Veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored porcelain designed to cover the front surface of your teeth to improve their appearance. Porcelain veneers can be used to correct teeth that are discolored, chipped, crooked, uneven, or excessively spaced. Veneers should only be placed on healthy non-decayed teeth, and require slight tooth preparation.

Tooth Bonding refers to the use of tooth colored filling materials (composite) which are directly attached (bonded) to the surface of teeth for a variety of reasons. Tooth bonding is used to repair chipped or decayed teeth, close spaces, and correct minor imperfections of a tooth’s appearance or shape.

Crowns (Caps) fully cover existing teeth creating new outer tooth surfaces. Crowns can strengthen teeth that are decayed or broken, and also correct teeth that are discolored or badly shaped. Bridges can replace a missing tooth by utilizing the neighboring teeth for support. Crowns and bridges are now made from non-metal materials. Crowns made of Zirconium (BruxZir) or Lithium Disilicate (e.max), are esthetic, durable, and more biologically compatible than crowns made with metal. In addition, our crowns and Bridges are now fit using the Itero digital scanner. The Itero records the teeth using an optical-laser camera (like taking photos), and builds a virtual tooth model. Messy impressions are eliminated.

Tooth Implants are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth without drilling surrounding teeth. A dental implant is a titanium cylinder (root) which is placed into the bone and allowed to heal for about 4 months. Once healed, a small attachment is connected to the implant and a crown is created to replicate the missing tooth. Dr. Bob & Dr. Jackie surgically place Ankylos and Legacy implants in our office. This offers the patient both convenience and continuity. One doctor can perform the pre-surgical evaluation, the surgical placement, the final restoration, and the follow-up care, again all in our dental office. (Links to more information, more information) Implants can also be used underneath dentures and partials to add stability and retention. Please call our office if you would like more information.

Technology used – The Itero scanner has replaced the rubbery impression materials that were once used to make crowns and bridges. The Itero system uses an optic camera and laser to accurately record your teeth, eliminating the need for “gagging” impression goop. The Itero creates a virtual model of your mouth, which is sent electronically to the laboratory. Your crown or Bridge is then created with a precision fit. The Itero scanner has facilitated the use of Non-metal crown options.

Laser Dentistry Dr. Bob’s Family Dental utilizes the Deka carbon dioxide soft tissue laser , which offers the patient a conservative option to treat gum disease. It is also used in numerous dental procedures, with the advantages of tissue sterilization, cauterization, and reduced inflammation and soreness. Biopsies can be performed without the need for suturing. For some procedures, the laser may lessen the need for a patient to disrupt their blood thinner medications. We also use the laser during our implant placement surgeries, re-contouring of excess gingiva (Gums), crown preparation appointments, and the sutureless removal of excessive frenum pulls (rubber band like ligaments stretching under your tongue or from your lip to teeth).

Root Canal Treatment Dr. Jackie provides comfortable root canal treatment using both modern techniques and materials. Most root canal treatment can be completed in one convenient patient appointment. Through electronically measuring the tooth, quicker rotary cleaning of the tooth, sonic vibration activation of the disinfectant, and sealing the tooth with a warm Guttacore filling, Dr. Jackie will help the patient have a positive root canal experience.

Sealants are a protective coating applied to a tooth to eliminate deep grooves and pits that naturally occur on some teeth. These deep grooves accumulate bacteria and food debris which can lead to tooth decay. A sealant creates a smooth surface which allows the toothbrush to clean better.

Fluoride when applied, will attach to and harden the tooth surface. This will make the tooth more resistant to tooth decay. We use a 2 minute, in office rinse, for our patients under 18. For adults or teens with active tooth decay, we prescribe Prevident fluoride gel for daily home application.

Recaldent or MI paste goes a step further than Fluoride. Recaldent is made from milk protein, and when applied to a tooth, actually replaces (repairs) lost calcium and protein. Recaldent can be applied at home, using custom fitted trays. Please note that Recaldent is cross allergic to milk products.

Metal-free dentistry is an option for all patients receiving dental care. Silver fillings are still considered a safe and cost-effective option for tooth repair. But with the advancement of modern dental materials, new more cosmetic metal-free alternatives are available to all our patients. Services such as tooth colored fillings, metal free Zirconium crowns and bridges, as well as metal free partial dentures are among the possibilities. We will be happy to discuss with you all your treatment options.

Sleep Apnea and snoring can be caused by a constricted or collapsed airway. When asleep, a person’s tongue can relax into the back of their throat. This tongue position causes their airway to narrow. One treatment option for sleep apnea is the use of a night-time retainer called a TAP appliance. The TAP is designed to hold the lower jaw forward which repositions the tongue and allows the airway to remain open. Please ask your physician if you are a candidate for the TAP appliance. For more information, please give our office a call.

Snoring affects an estimated 80 million people in North America. Take into account the snorer’s spouse and children, as many as 160 million people are negatively affected by snoring. The Silent Nite is an affordable custom- made snore prevention device that is flexible, thin and comfortable for the patient. The Silent Nite has exhibited excellent clinical success for preventing annoying and unhealthy snoring. For more information, please give our office a call.

TMJ problems and night clenching (bruxism) are very common. Some symptoms include pain around the ear, clicking noises when opening the mouth, or tenderness of the jaw when waking. Clenching can also cause receding gums, notching of the sides of the teeth, generalized tooth sensitivity, and even fractured teeth. Most patients can be treated by simply having them wear a custom-fit night guard (retainer) when they sleep.

Bad breath (Halitosis) can be a sign of an active mouth infection or general health condition. Bad breath can also be caused by a build-up of bacteria on the surface of the tongue which produce a sulfur based bi-product. If these bacteria are the culprit, a system of tongue cleaning and specific medicated mouthwash can correct the problem.

Athletic Mouth Guards should be worn by all athletes to lessen the risk of injury to their mouth. A custom-fitted guard is made by taking a model of one’s mouth. The guard is then made from this model. This gives the mouth guard a comfortable and exact fit. Our office provides these guards to all our student patients for FREE! For football or hockey players, a strap can be added. Guards are available in clear, black, red, blue, orange, and yellow.

Laser Pen to treat canker sores. If you suffer from canker sores inside the lips or cheeks, the best treatment to heal them quickly is by the use of laser energy. The laser pen (low level laser energy) is the perfect spectrum to quickly heal canker sore ulcers. The treatment is simple and best used when you first notice getting a sore. Apply the laser pen directly onto the location, and apply light for 20 seconds. If a larger area is noticed, reposition the pen slightly and reapply. The sore should heal in 1-2 days.

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